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From:Arlen Greer Date:August 4 1999 4:27pm
Subject:Locking problem?
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Hi  :)  -

I'm using MyODBC to connect MS Access 2000 to an MySQL database on a remote
Unix server.  Everything works very well, except for one table.  On every
other table in the database, there's no problem adding/editing/deleting
records.  But for one specific table, an attempt at updating any record
generates a dialog box that says "Another user has made changes while you
were editing this record," and it forces me to drop the changes.

Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this, or how to address the
problem?  I'd appreciate any suggestions.  I thought it might be a
record-locking issue, but my system administrator is unable to locate any
evidence of this.

Thank you,

-Arlen in San Diego

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