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From:Christian Mack Date:August 4 1999 4:11pm
Subject:Re: SQL Client for Windows (95/98/NT/W2K)
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sinisa@stripped wrote:
> Christian Mack writes:
< ... >
>  > Hi Sinisa
>  >
>  > * The popup menues are way to large, they are alway half out of my screen, 
>  > so that I can't use them right.
>  >
> Edit komande.h. That would do it.
> We have in TODO to make this menu hierarchical.

Good, this is really necessary (especially for the SQL popup).

>  > * What's that ellipse for in the table choose box?
>  >
> Button

I don't think we talk about the same ellipse.
There is one _behind_ the table list.

>  > * Could you create an Button which will show the structure of the chosen 
>  > table(s) and their defined keys?
>  >
> Try table hierarchy. There, keys should be displayed too.

With the table hierarchy I have problem on german NT4.0 SP4.
If I first choose a table and then try to get the table hierarchy, Dr. Watson comes up.
If I don't choose a table first, then it works sometimes (else Dr. Watson comes here too).

The KEY information isn't enough.
I have some multiple keys in several tables, but in the "table hierarchy" I only get a MUL
on them not the keynumber or -name to distinguish them.
That's the same problem as with SHOW COLUMNS.

New problem:
In the Hierarchy list large lines are cut off at the end.
I have an ENUM column, which exceeds the given space in the list.
I can widen the Hierarchy window, but the list doesn't display more than 48 characters.
I can only see them, while actually resizing the window.

>  > * If I make the GUI client Window bigger, then the query historybox and query
>  > inputbox don't emphasize too.
>  >
> They both should get bigger !!!
> OOOOOOOOOPS !! You are right !!  I have just corrected it. THANKS !!!!

Nothing at all :)

>  > * The File options are too restricting. I want to give the Field termination 
>  > and enclosure and the Line termination strings myself.
>  >
>  > * In the results window, the scrolling by clicking above or bejond
>  > the visibility bar should move the visible area one page up or down,
>  > not jump to the cursor position.
> I do not understand. Clicking on the scrolling bar MUST scroll
> "spreadsheet".
> Clicking on the cell should bring focus to the cell, that row and column.

My fault.
In all windows with scrollbars, if I click on the scrollbar beside the scrollbar slider,
the visible area scrolls.
It should scroll one visibility width (or one page), independent from the relative
distance of the mouse to the slider.
I have a list which is multiple pages long.
I can see the first page.
If I click near below the slider (which is at its highest position), it only  moves the
visible area some lines down.
But it should move a whole page down.
If I instead click far below the slider, it moves some pages down not only one.
Do you get the idea?

>  >
>  > Really a nice starting point for a intuitive SQL tool.
>  >
>  > Tschau
>  > Christian
> Thanks, you have raised a point, added one TODO, and found a real bug
> (already corrected).


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