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From:David Biro (DaV3|D3) Date:August 4 1999 3:40pm
Subject:Segmentation fault on a RAQ2 sys
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  I'm trying to install mysql on a RAQ2 server. 
 The ./configure, make, make install  is OK, but if I'm trying to start
mysql or mysqld a Segmentation fault occurs.

  I've tried to install mysql-3.22.25.tar.gz 

  I'm giving some details of the system:

Cobalt Linux release 4.0 (Fargo)
Kernel 2.0.34 on a mips      

cpu                     : MIPS
cpu model               : Nevada V10.0
system type             : Cobalt Cobalt Networks
BogoMIPS                : 249.86
byteorder               : little endian        

   Please help me!

   Best Regards,


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