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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 4 1999 1:27pm
Subject:C executable hanging on Linux
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>>>>> "sinisa" == sinisa  <sinisa@stripped> writes:

sinisa> Medhat Mourid writes:
>> Hi,
>> I was wondering if any one had an experience with C programs, compiled
>> on linux using the Mysql API, hanging every once in a while (running
>> forever), and basically taking over the CPU????
>> Thanks


This may be the case if you have compiled and older MySQL version with
--with-debug and are requesting a hugh result set.  In this case it's
'safe_malloc' that is checking all your memory blocks for errors for
every memory allocation and this takes a lot of time!


Recompile MySQL without --with-debug

In MySQL 3.23.2, you will not get safe_malloc by default.

We have split the debugging flags to use:


Compiled with debugging but without safe_malloc


Compiled with full debugging.

The other problem you are facing is that you are requesting, with
mysql_store_result(), a bigger set that fits in your memory.  In this
case you should restrict the set with LIMIT # or use mysql_use_result.


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