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From:Micheal Mc Evoy Date:August 4 1999 1:22pm
Subject:Re: Using Perl with MySQL
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On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Deniz Demir wrote:

>I want to use Perl with MySQL, but I have not got enough knowledge. I have a database
> in MySQL and I want to use this database on web like a search engine.
>If you send me detailed information and/or documentation about this, I will be very
> happy.
>Deniz Demir.

Have you looked at the DBI/DBD modules?
They are available from CPAN ( ), as is alot of
information on Perl.

Documentation and modules are also available at

You will need to know some basic SQL programming as well as Perl.
But they are easy enough to learn as you go along.

Happy Hacking,

Micheal Mc Evoy                                    mjmc@stripped

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