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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 4 1999 11:09am
Subject:Re: privileges
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On Mi, 1999-08-04 12:24:56 +0200, Damien Richard wrote:
> after creating a database, why i don't see this database in the
> table mysql.db ???

The tables user, host, db, table_priv, and column_priv of the mysql
database only manage the access priviledges.

To see what databases and tables exists, use the SQL statements
and  SHOW TABLES FROM db_name;

Or use the equivalent shell command lines
and  mysqlshow db_name

For details on the SHOW statement, see MySQL manual chapter
"7.20 SHOW syntax (Get information about tables, columns...)".

For details on the command mysqlshow, see MySQL manual chapter
"12.1 Overview of the different MySQL programs" and simply run
     mysqlshow --help

For details on MySQL's priviledge system, please have a look
at chapter "6 The MySQL access privilege system".

In short:  the MySQL manual is _definitely_ worth a read! :)

For a nice introduction you might like the articles at
   Developer Shed
   <URL: >
especially the
   Beginning MySQL Tutorial
   <URL: >.

How I did find these links?  Just look at the obvious place:
   MySQL Documentation
   <URL: >

Martin Ramsch <m.ramsch@stripped> <URL: >
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