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From:Steve Edberg Date:August 4 1999 6:14am
Subject:Re: mysql vs. text file
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At 7:56 AM +0200 8/4/99, Martin Ramsch wrote:
>On Di, 1999-08-03 18:12:13 -0400, Kelly Yancey wrote:
> >   Now if I only had a way to run a file though the php processing engine
> > without going through the web server...that would be really slick (and a
> > much 'cleaner' solution.
>You just have to compile PHP additionally as CGI script to use it
>independant from the web sever.  Works fine, except for some few PHP
>features which are only possible as an Apache module (like the
>Header() function).

I think you meant virtual()...Header() works quite nicely under CGI!

And, btw, I have a similar setup where I have written some cronjobs 
(well, ok, 'at' jobs since they were on a Winblows machine) in PHP to 
update a database & log the results to a text file.


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