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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 3 1999 11:23pm
Subject:Re: Weird problem with mysql 3.22 upgrade
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At 4:14 PM -0700 8/3/99, Shane Wegner wrote:
>I just upgraded from mysql 3.21.33b to 3.22.25 and the following query
>which used to work is now failing.
>create table test(
>n double(22,3)
>insert into test values(1);
>update test set n=min(n,0);
>This fails with a parse error whereas it worked in v3.21.33b.  Does anyone
>know why this would be happening?

As of MySQL 3.22.5, MIN() and MAX() should be called as LEAST() and
GREATEST().  MIN() and MAX() are now group (or aggregate, or summary)

The manual says:
Added Oracle @code{GREATEST()} and @code{LEAST()} functions.  You must now use
these instead of the @code{MAX()} and @code{MIN()} functions to get the
largest/smallest value from a list of values. These can now handle @code{REAL},
@code{BIGINT} and string (@code{CHAR} or @code{VARCHAR}) values.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
Weird problem with mysql 3.22 upgradeShane Wegner4 Aug
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