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From:Kelly Yancey Date:August 3 1999 10:12pm
Subject:RE: mysql vs. text file
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> From: Ee Loon [mailto:eliaw@stripped]
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> Subject: RE: mysql vs. text file
> hi:
>  i have a efficiency question. i have a web applicaion
>  that will display the best 10 scores from a table.
>   Each time a user enter to this site, i will produce
>  the best 10 scores. would it be more effiecient to
>  query the DB once everyday and store the 10 best
>  results in a file so that the web application can
>  access this file OR would it be more efficient for
>  the web application to query the DB each time a user
>  enter the site?

  This may not be an option for you (because it requires unix and php) but
when doing the Team FreeBSD members listing at the information only
updates once a day (like you describe fro your site). For the maximum speed,
I wrote a file using php that generated a web page exactly the way I wanted
(in my case, it is at; but
rather than directing users to that page (there are no links to it
whatsoever), each morning a script runs the wget utility to fetch the URL of
the php web page and saves it at to the web site as index.html.
  That way, I get the ease of php for database-generated web pages, but the
speed of serving a static file. You simply can't beat it!

  Now if I only had a way to run a file though the php processing engine
without going through the web server...that would be really slick (and a
much 'cleaner' solution.

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