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From:Richard Reina Date:November 28 2001 8:59pm
Subject:fetching & object design
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I am OO newbie, but in an effort to consolidate a lot of reusable code, 
I am trying to design an object in perl ( I think that's the right word) 
that will match an array to the fields in an input/output screen 
(template, form).  It's rough going for me since the joins themselves 
are complicated.

I am in the trucking business so what I am dealing with are loads that 
most often have 1 pickup and 1 drop off but sometimes have multiple 
pickups and multiple dropoffs -- forgive me if this is overkill, but I 
sometime get accused of not providing enough input in my postings.
load, pickup and dropoff are three different tables that all contain 
load info.  They are linked by a common I.D. field, however because they 
can have multiple pickups and dropoffs I am having difficulty figuring 
out how to get all the the info an array.

Does any one know where I can find some example code (perl->DBI->MySQL) 
that might be similar enought to help me.


fetching & object designRichard Reina28 Nov