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From:Ralph Graulich Date:August 3 1999 8:08pm
Subject:Re: Best way to move database
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>We're running a Mysql 3.22 database on computer 1.
>We're going to move it to a bigger better computer, computer 2.
>What's the best way to move the database.  We can, if needed turn the Mysql

Stopping the mysqld is not necessary in your case. Simply use the mysqldump
program to get your tables extracted. In the cases I used it, I simply took:

mysqldump --host=hostname --password=password --port=3306 --complete-insert
--lock-tables database > database.dumpfile

The port=3306 part can be omitted, if you only have one mysqld running on
your system. It is needed in my case however, cause I have two different
versions of mySQL running on the same machine.

You should also consider using the --quick option, which directly dumps to
stdout (redirected to a file in our case), preventing the machine from
eating up to much RAM and swap, if the dumping query gets rather large. Had
a machine at work getting frantic whilst dumping, after it ate up 1.2 GB of
swap space and didn't write a single byte of data to the outfile yet :-)

Good luck whilst moving!

... Ralph ...

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