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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 3 1999 7:31pm
Subject:MySql won't shutdown
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>>>>> "Bickel," == Bickel, Sean <SBickel@stripped> writes:

Bickel,> I am running linux 2.2.10 with a pentium processor. I installed MySQL from
Bickel,> source code(3.22.25). Everything starts up fine. I can create databases and
Bickel,> tables and all the stuff in the tutorial. I can't shutdown MySQL. I give it
Bickel,> the command mysqladmin -u root shutdown. It just goes back to the command
Bickel,> line and the processes are still there.

Bickel,> Thanks for any help,

Bickel,> Sean Bickel


Which Linuxthread/glibc version do you have?  Some linuxthread version 
may give problems when you try to shut MySQL down?

What happens if you do 'mysqladmin shutdown' twice in a row?  With
some libraries this may work..

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