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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 24 2001 4:11pm
Subject:Re: Regarding Mysql driver
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At 10:00 PM -0800 11/23/01, swwww ewewewe wrote:
>       I am using the mm.mySql.jdbc-1.2c Driver

That's pretty old.  The current version is 2.07; see to get it.

>connecting to mySQL.
>I have two queries regarding this Driver.
>1.Does this driver will work for the Remote host.


>          When u tried to connecting with localhost it
>is working fine  but it is not working when i gave the
>remote host name.

Did you get an error message?  What was it?

You probably need to grant permission to the server for
user_name@client_host, where user_name is the MySQL account
name and client_host is the client you're connecting from.

>2. Does this driver supports nested sql statements ?

No, because MySQL itself doesn't. See this page for some

>Please give me the solutions for the above two
>Thanks and regards
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