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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 24 2001 3:06am
Subject:Re: mysqldump & decimals
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At 11:49 AM +1100 11/24/01, georgem wrote:
>Hi all,
>mysql v 3.23.32.  I've started using mysqldump to backup my databases but
>have run into a strange problem with decimal numbers. As I understand it,
>mysql treats decimals like strings so to insert a value into a decimal field
>you would have to put quotes around it. However, mysqldump does not put
>quotes around the decimal values so you can't restore the correct info from
>the mysqldump.

MySQL stores the values as strings internally.  You don't have to put
quotes around the values when constructing queries.

>What am I missing? Has anyone else run into this problem? Solutions?

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