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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 3 1999 1:59pm
Subject:Could something like this be possible?
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>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Papadakis <markp@stripped> writes:

Mark> Hi!
Mark> Could something like this be possible in any way?

Mark> delete from table1,table2 where and table1.alfa=5;

Mark> Basically, I want to delete rows from table1 but now I have to
Mark> select from table1, table2 where and
Mark> table1.alfa=5;
Mark> dbresult = mysql_store_result(&mysql);
Mark> dbrow = mysql_fetch_row(dbresult);
Mark> while(dbrow)
Mark> {

Mark>    .. delete from table1 where pid=dbrow[0];              ( Remove one entry
Mark> at a time .. )
Mark>     dbrow = mysql_fetch_row( dbresult );
Mark> }
Mark> mysql_free_result( dbresult );

It would take about 8 hours to hack MySQL to do the above
(It's really a pitty that one needs to sleep, isn't it :)

Seriously;  I had hoped to get this into 3.23.2, but it seems that it
must wait until a later 3.23 release due to lack of time.

Could something like this be possible?Mark Papadakis3 Aug
  • Could something like this be possible?Michael Widenius3 Aug