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From:Christian Mack Date:August 3 1999 1:16pm
Subject:Re: binaries in rpm 3.22.25
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Francesc Guasch wrote:
> I just installed i386 rpm 3.22.25 and I can't find client binaries
> like mysqladmin nor mysql.
> I just did a find / -name "*mysql*" -print unsuccessfully.
> I remember installing from sources some time ago and getting a lot of
> usefull
> programs. Am I missing something obvious ?
> I just read the docs and they say there must be binaries in my
> install dir.

Hi Francesc

You have to install the mysql client rpm too.

They where separated, to offer better (=seperate) update capabilities.


binaries in rpm 3.22.25Francesc Guasch2 Aug
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