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From:Corin Hartland-Swann Date:March 24 1999 6:51pm
Subject:Re: RAM and caching
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Hi there,

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, matthew mcglynn wrote:
> I'd like to be able to cache much or most of this in RAM
> to speed queries, as this server just keeps getting busier.
> My question is this: what is the algorithm for determining
> how much RAM is necessary to slurp this db into memory ?
> What I'm thinking is that there may be some unknown factors
> that make this answer more complicated than "you need just
> under a gig of RAM".
> For example, are the disk files compressed in any way? Or,
> are the RAM copies compressed ? If multiple mysqld threads
> open a table, does it occupy more memory than if only a single
> thread opens the table ?
> The host OS is Linux 2.0.36. Right now we're using
> v. 3.22.12-beta, although we'll be upgrading to whatever
> the current binary release is in a few days.

Somewhat off-topic, but you will have difficulty using a whole 1G of RAM
with Linux 2.0.x - something to do with reserved bits of RAM. There are
various issues covered in one of the HOWTO's (regarding memory).
Linux 2.2.x handles up to a bit less than 2G though, iirc.



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