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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 22 2001 10:38pm
Subject:Re: Gemini compile error
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At 9:43 AM +0100 11/22/01, Attila Beno wrote:
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>On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
>>      While compiling MySQL+Gemini-3.23.41 i received the following error:
>>      System is RedHat 7.1, with their GCC 2.96-85
>Same here, althogh the binary version starts up fine.
>>      While I'm on the subject, does BDB tables provide the same type of
>>  locking that Gemini does?  Is there any reason to favor Gemini over BDB?
>While on the subject: has anyone seen a WORKING gemini table? I've tried 2
>different redhat systes, and 3 different debian systems, and always got
>the same result: starts up fine, dies in about 15 seconds, safe_mysqld
>tries to bring it up, so it recoveres from the crash, repeats the whole
>thing a few times, and then no longer recovers.

I've not had any problems with GEMINI tables, though I've seen something
like what you describe with BDB tables.

RedHat 7.0, gcc 2.96-85.
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