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From:Silicon Ghost Date:August 3 1999 2:48am
Subject:How to use the value from a query?
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I'm using PHP3 and mySQL.  

Here's my problem:

I first run a query such as:
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM sites WHERE ID=1",$db);

Now I want to do a check to see if the query found anything by doing something

if $result==""
    echo("No result")
    echo("Result is: $result");

The problem I'm having is when there IS no result (and I know there isn't), it
doesn't store the value of NULL or "" in $result.  It still thinks $result has
a value, sometimes showing what the last valid result was (most likely because
it was left over in memory I would assume).

I've toyed around with mysql_store_result and mysql_use_result, but without
any luck.  I'm a beginner at this so I may be using the wrong syntax.

Any suggestions?


- John

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