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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 3 1999 12:22am
Subject:problems backing up databases
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>>>>> "Nick" == Nick Kralevich <nickkral@stripped> writes:

Nick> I'm having a problem backing up a large, heavily accessed database in
Nick> mysql.

Nick> I use the following command 

Nick>   mysqldump --opt ads > ads.out.sql

Nick> Unfortunately, it doesn't get all the data in the largest table.  It stops
Nick> after transfering 7235190 of 16163001 rows.  It always stops at the exact
Nick> same point, which leads me to believe it's a bug with mysql.  No error
Nick> messages show up, nor does anything appear to be wrong.

What happens if you only dump this one table?

Can you dump this table with:
mysql --quick -e "select * from table" >

If the second option works, then this is a bug in mysqldump and not in 

Nick> It continues to dump the rest of the tables successfully after this point.
How does it continue?  If it stops, it shouldn't be able to continue?

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