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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 3 1999 12:19am
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>>>>> "William" == William R Mattil <wrm@stripped>
> writes:

William> Group,
William> After reading about the discussion concerning Win95/WinNT clients etc I
William> tried MySqlManager and after tinkering with it the very best I can
William> achieve using it is to display the various DB's present on a remote
William> server. It will show the fields etc but absolutely refuses to allow me
William> to execute any SQL Queries. There must be a trick I am missing because
William> without this function what use would this be ??? Can someone shed any
William> light on how this is done ? It would be appreciated.


(This is from memory, so I hope I don't get this wrong):

To execute a query you should open a database by clicking on it. When
you have the database active you can click on the right button and
choose 'query' (or something like that).  You should now get a query
screen where you can enter your queries.

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