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From:Richard Clarke Date:November 19 2001 4:07am
Subject:database slow down
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This is a followup to my previous messages indicating database slow down.
After noticing the queries start to slow down earlier i decided to try and
get some debug info. a show table status had one interesting thing.

| raw            | InnoDB | Fixed      | 169681 |           1030 |
174817280 |

the 4th column being interesting. It seems to "think" there are 169,681 rows
but this isn't true. The query operates on about 2000 rows each time then
deletes and commits them so why does it think there are 170K rows? Could
this be a source of the problem. Any suggestions welcome.
There is no particular query which causes this to happen because the same
batch of queries are happening over and over and over again. So What could
be wrong. It takes about 2 minutes to do a shutdown when its gets like this
and either way I can't afford to restart the database once its implemented.

As a note, a restart of the database sets the row count of raw to 0 so I
really think it is related to this. Most of the queries revolve around this
table so any problems with it are going to cause me big problems.

Any help much appreciated.

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