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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 2 1999 9:41pm
Subject:Help with upgrading to DBI
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>>>>> "Shane" == Shane Wegner <shane@stripped> writes:

Shane> Hi,
Shane> A site I am working on is currently using mod-perl with Apache::Mysql.  We
Shane> would like to move to DBI but are having some problems.  I got the latest
Shane> version of Apache, mysql, mod-perl, mod_auth_mysql DBI, and libapache-dbi
Shane> for persistant
Shane> connections.  My question is is there a backward compatable Apache::Mysql
Shane> which uses DBI so that I can convert the scripts over slowly instead of
Shane> having to do it all at once?  I can't find the old Apache::Mysql modules
Shane> anymore, does anyone know where I can get them?

Shane> Any suggestions going about this would be greatly appreciated.

Shane> Regards,
Shane> Shane


msql-mysql-modules are backward compatible with the old interface.

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