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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 2 1999 9:36pm
Subject:DBI error handling - GREEK version
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>>>>> "Christos" == Christos J Pontikis <pontikis@stripped>
> writes:

Christos> Hello, greetings from Greece
Christos> I am using the below function to execute simple queries and handle errors (I
> am using MySQL 3.21.33). 

Christos> I am writing a hellenic (greek) version of error messages. You can get it
> from
Christos> It will be completed in one or two days. 


Christos> The question is 
Christos> *** Is it possible to connect to MySQL via DBI with the language option ?
> ***
Christos> ( something like mysqld --language=/usr/local/share/greek )

Not yet. This should however not be that hard to do if you are fluent
in C :)

Christos> In my server run Greek and English applications, so I need to respond to
> errors in different language per each connection.

Christos> If not, I will create a table 'err_table' with english and greek messages and
> I will respond according to DBI::err
Christos> Please, tell me something... When DBI::err returns 1062, I suppose that this
> is the 62th line in errmsg.txt. 
Christos> Is it right ???


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