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From:Gerald Clark Date:November 16 2001 3:02pm
Subject:Re: CGI and MySQL
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You are missing the password and user, and the proper privilege 
configuration at your server.
Read up on GRANT in the manual.

George.Coicici@stripped wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm currently working on a project in which I am working with CGI scripts
> for a web based user interface, and MySQL for my database. I'm a student at
> a University of Waterloo (in Canada). The program is a hotel reservation
> system (irrelevant) and I'm coding in C and C++. The system is being
> developed on a Solaris box. , and my problem is that the CGI script is on a
> different server than the one where my database is one. In fact, my
> database is located on my Win2k box at home. I noticed that the
> mysql_real_connect() method in the MySQL C API, has a specification for the
> IP address, and port. However when I specify the IP address of my box at
> home and a port 3306 (definitely not in use) and leave the password and
> user NULL (because I haven't set up a password and user) it tells me it
> cannot connect to the MySQL server on port 3306. I know the problem isn't
> that I'm not running the daemon, because I check that already. Is there
> something I'm missing or is this even possible???
> Please reply to the above email address AS WELL AS TO:
> georgecoicici@stripped
> I appreciate any assistance you can offer.
> Thank you
> George
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