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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 24 1999 6:12pm
Subject:Where is the mysqlimport utility?
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>>>>> "Roque" == Roque Jacobo <jacobo@stripped> writes:

Roque> I downloaded and installed the 3.22.20 binary distribution for 
Roque> Solaris2.6. When trying to import data from text files to MySQL 
Roque> tables on the command line using "mysqlimport", I got the 
Roque> "command not found" message. I'm importing data using "LOAD DATA INFILE"
Roque> from within MySQL but I would like to automatize the process.

Roque> I look into MYSQLDIR/bin and it is not there. Does anyone knows where it
Roque> is?

Roque> Your help is really apreciated.


I just checked the binary 3.22.20a distribution:

> gtar tvfz mysql-3.22.20a-sun-solaris2.6-sparc.tar.gz | grep mysqlimp
-rwxrwxrwx mysql/mysql  107076 1999-03-15 22:04

Which binary distribution did you use ?

Where is the mysqlimport utility?Roque Jacobo24 Mar
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