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From:Erik Price Date:November 14 2001 11:33pm
Subject:Re: mysqld shutdown
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Thanks for that comprehensive answer.  It doesn't seem like the FreeBSD
solution will be one that I will try to implement into my installation
of Darwin, as it draws on skills and knowledge that I definitely don't
have -- though it would be educational to take a look into Darwin's
threading system (and see if it matches that of FreeBSD), I wouldn't
know where to start.

After a re-compile with different options but identical problems, I
have decided that when I get to work tomorrow I'll try one of the
binaries from my local MySQL mirror, unless someone can suggest
Darwin-friendly ./configure options.

Interesting that the first (50-line commit) patch to FreeBSD's libc_r
was almost three years ago to the day!


--- Dan Nelson <dnelson@stripped> wrote:
> In Mysql 3.22.11, the signal was changed to SIGTERM and a signal
> handler was explicitly installed.  As far as libc_r patches, there
> are
> two candidates.  One is a 50-line commit on 1998-11-15 with the
> comment
> "Interrupt threads waiting in select etc.".  There was another large
> (2000-line) commit on 1999-07-23 with the comment "MFC: Bring in both
> bug fixes, performance improvements, and enhancements.  This should
> fix
> MySQL problems".  The commit went in between the releases of FreeBSD
> 3.2 and 3.3.  I don't know exactly what version of code Apple used
> for
> Darwin, or how easy it would be to merge those changes into Darwin's
> libc_r if they're not already in there.  Darwin might not even be
> using
> FreeBSD's thread library.
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