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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 2 1999 5:32pm
Subject:Perl In Mysql
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>>>>> "jim" == jim cistaro <jim.cistaro@stripped> writes:

jim> I have successfully created a User Defined Function (UDF) which wraps
jim> a perl interpreter and basically allows the creation of Perl based
jim> UDFs.  This supports the use of Perl Extensions and additional Shared
jim> Objs.  

jim> First, let me say that i am thankful for the UDF ability within
jim> MySQL.  Second, has there been any other work in the area of
jim> embedding Perl either as an extension or UDF.  For, anyone wishing
jim> information on how I did this, email me and I will share what
jim> information I can.

jim> FYI, this was done against stable 3.22.25.  I have been getting core
jim> dumps with 3.23 alpha.  Is work still ongoing in this area for 3.23.


Note that MySQL 3.23 has much now features in UDF, so this may hit you 
somehow.  I have some glibc problems on my development Linux machine
and I can't download libraries dynamicly into MySQL :(  I can't test
this until by the end of this month (when I intend to install RedHat
6.0 on it).  I would be very greatfull if you can locate the bug (if
this is a bug)

jim> Jim Cistaro
jim> jim@stripped

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