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From:Bill Adams Date:November 12 2001 8:43pm
Subject:Re: Mysqladmin help please help
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"Wells, Kenneth L" wrote:

> Please help!!!!
> I'm at the end of my rope...
> I just ran a script to create databases in my SQl server, it runs fine
> When it completes it says remember to set a password for the mysql root
> user!
> I entered this?
> /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password password  (I want
> password to be the password)
> It returns Enter password: I entered password again
> Is this the password it wants???

You just set the password to your root account to 'password'.

This is a common mistake: There is no space between the -p and the password.

Right after you have installed MySQL, there is no password so you run:
mysqladmin -u root password your?new!password

Then to connect to a server:
mysql -u root -pyour?new!password db

Note: No space after -p.

The manual has info if you need  help resetting the password.


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