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From:Dan Nelson Date:November 9 2001 4:23pm
Subject:Re: Get real mysqld hostname
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In the last episode (Nov 08), Mike Broxterman said:
> I'm looking for a programatic way to obtain the real FQDN of the
> myqld server, not the one used to connect to the server. Here's the
> scenario, several servers running mysqld are behind a virtual IP so
> when you connect to mysqld you do not know which server you are
> really connected to. The get_host_info only returns the name used to
> connect to the virtual address.
> I've checked the variables table but the hostname is not there
> either. I can solve the problem by creating a database with the name
> of the host but that's not very elegant nor can I use dots for the IP
> or FQDN as the db name.

Couple ideas:

. Write a UDF that returns the value of gethostname()
  To use: SELECT gethostname();

. Put the hostname in a single-row table.
  To use: SELECT hostname FROM serverinfo;

. Add a read-only mysql variable, submit patches back to mysql.
  To use: SHOW VARIABLES like 'hostname';

	Dan Nelson
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