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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 2 1999 12:47am
Subject:Error code returns from mysqlshow or ???
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>>>>> "Jani" == Jani Tolonen <janikt@stripped> writes:

Jani> Pete Lancashire writes:
>> Hi ..
>> What are the errno's returned from mysqlshow and
>> what will cause an error.

Jani> Hello Pete,

Jani> Can you be more specific about the error that occurred?
Jani> What was the output from mysqlshow _exactly_?
Jani> See 'perror --help'.

>> Or is there a better way to test if a particular
>> table exists, other then grepping through the
>> text that mysqlshow sends to stdout.

Jani> Doesn't sound too bad idea to me to do it that way.

>> Or .. is there a DBI call, that I don't have to
>> scan through the results (DBI->data_sources,
sth-> {table}).

Jani> Sorry, but the above is deprecated.

Jani> Best way to do the above is perhaps to do a small
Jani> perl function, which tests if a table exists.
Jani> I'm sure you can do one yourself, but here is an
Jani> example how to do it:
Jani> -----------------------------------------------------
Jani> ####
Jani> #### Test if a specific table exists
Jani> #### Return values: 1 if table exists, else 0
Jani> #### Args: database handler, table name
Jani> ####

Jani> sub if_exists_tbl
Jani> {
Jani>   my ($dbhandler, $tbl_name) = @_;

Jani>   $sth = $dbhandler->prepare("show tables");
Jani>   die "Error: $DBI::errstr" if (!$sth->execute);
Jani>   while (($row = $sth->fetchrow_arrayref))
Jani>   {
Jani>     return 1 if ($row->[0] eq $tbl_name);   
Jani>   }
Jani>   return 0;
Jani> }
Jani> -----------------------------------------------------


You can of fourse also do "show tables like '$tbl_name'".

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