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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 2 1999 2:43am
Subject:table crash bug
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>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Dvorak <mdvorak@stripped> writes:

>> Description:
Martin>   I found an error which is probably caused by czech module (I do not know
Martin> it for sure, because
Martin>   I haven't a chance to test it yet, but I've seen some references on
Martin> mailing lists). As you
Martin>   can see, I'm REPLACING INTO EMPTY TABLE, and something goes wrong when an
Martin> already existing
Martin>   row is to be replaced. But not always, if I try to do only two REPLACEs
Martin> with the same rows,
Martin>   everything goes OK.

Martin>   My MySQL version is 3.22.23 and I compiled it with:
Martin>   --prefix=/site/exec/mysql --exec-prefix=/site/exec/mysql \
Martin>   --with-charset=czech --without-debug \
Martin>   --localstatedir=/site/exec/mysql/db --with-mysqld-user=mysqld

Martin>   It is running on FreeBSD 3.2-RELEASE system with 96MB of memory.

Martin>   Thanks for any solution, because I want to use MySQL in production
Martin> environment, but I cannot
Martin>   if it unexpectedly crashes without any reason.

Martin>   Martin Dvorak



Note that if you want to use the czech character set you must apply the 
czech patch that you can find in the Patches directory at!

The patch is applied in MySQL 3.23, but not in 3.22 because it may
crash some other character set in this version!


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