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From:Van Date:August 2 1999 12:53am
Subject:Re: MyODBC 2.50.24
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> Hi!
> If I remember correctly, you don't have to compile the MySQL source to
> compile MyODBC;  You only need to configure it.
> The above is needed as MyODBC uses the same libraries as MySQL and we
> didn't want to duplicate everything in MyODBC...
> Regards,
> Monty
I've found this to be accurate.  I pulled iODBC and MyODBC up onto 4
servers on Thursday & Friday, all with successfull results.  The key is
to tie
the ODBC driver as a system DSN on the M$ box and ensure your
permissions are in tact on the MySQL server.  

The iODBC installation could use a little work, but, it functions, even
though it
spits out errors on make about the catalog.o.  Beyond that, one needs to
the location of the base mysql directory so it can get it's libraries
for linking.

I wish I had the time to dig into the code to see how it works, but, I'm
But, it does work.  I was able to hook into a VFoxPro 3.0 table from
Access, via
ODBC, then, pull the tables into a VFoxPro 5.0 dbase and create a
project, that
turned application, and was linkable via ODBC.  Once this was done, I
created the table structure in MySQL 3.22.24 for the 2 tables I needed
to replicate
for an Access95 destination dbase, created the system DSN's and directly
the FoxPro data into the MySQL tables.  No errors.

From here, I had to do quite a bit of structure work on the Access95
tables, but
through queries from the MySQL ODBC tables and a couple calculated
fields in the 
append query, it all went without a hitch.

Sorry to ramble, but, I'm pointing out that, even the flawed iODBC and
MyODBC provide
sufficient functionality to get data to and from Windoze platforms.

Linux rocks!!!
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