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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 6 2001 11:52pm
Subject:Re: import databse schema
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At 3:13 PM -0800 11/6/01, Michael Wright wrote:
>I need to preface my question with a couple of statements:
>I am very new mysql, am using version 3.23.43 on a windows machine.
>I searched the list archive prior to sending this.
>I am trying to import a text file (in this case the extension is 
>.sql but I have not had success with .txt either) and am running 
>into trouble. I've attempted to do this a few times in the past 
>while doing tutorials to no avail, and this time is no exception. 
>Here's what I have tried:
>mysql -u[whatever] -p[whatever] < database.txt  (with ";" and 
>without";")    and
>mysql -D [whateverdb] -u[whatever] -p[whatever] < database.txt 
>(with ";" and without";")
>and from the list archive: to insert "use whateverdb;" as the first 
>line in the .txt. file then,
>mysql -u[whatever] -p[whatever] < database.txt  (with ";" and without";")
>I consistently get - ERROR 1064: You have an error in your sql syntax near...
>What am I doing wrong?  I'm sure it's me.  Thanks,  mike

It means your file contains invalid SQL.

But since you don't show us any part of the contents of the table,
it's difficult to say more.
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