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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 1 1999 10:30pm
Subject:Filedescriptor under Linux-2.2.10
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>>>>> "Luigi" == Luigi Giacobbe <lgiacobbe@stripped> writes:

Luigi> Hi,
Luigi> I have a well known problem with my Linux box (kernel 2.2.10).
Luigi> The error is "Too many connections" and the solution consists to increase
Luigi> the  filedescriptor.

Luigi> There are patches for 2.0.X kernel series but I am unable to find one for
Luigi> 2.2 series.
Luigi> It is very boring because databases aren't available when problem comes.

Luigi> Where is it a procedure or patch ?

Luigi> Any help appreciated !

Luigi> Thanks

Luigi> L. Giacobbe



safe_mysqld --max_connections=512 &

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