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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 1 1999 8:46pm
Subject:Borland Builder
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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Farr <farrm@stripped>
> writes:

Michael> I am having problems with Borland Builder 4, connected to MySQL.  Noone 
Michael> related to BCB4 seems to know about this problem.  It was suggested to me 
Michael> that it was MySQL specific, by another person with the same problem.

Michael> I have got a very simple database form set up with DBEdit's that all
Michael> connect to the same datasource which has autoedit = true.  The dataset
Michael> is a TQuery that has requestLive=true.

Michael> When I try to change one of the fields by typing in it, the edit box
Michael> does not allow me to add more characters than the top row has.
Michael> According to Database Explorer and MySQL (the database I am using) the
Michael> maximum number of characters should be 20.  For example if the top row
Michael> has "xx" as the contents I cannot edit the contents to be "xxx" using
Michael> the requestLive method.

Michael> I would be grateful if anyone could explain this



In the MyODBC connect screen, mark the option 'Don't optimize column


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