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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 1 1999 9:52pm
Subject:[Q]should I 'rebuild' the indexes frquently?
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>>>>> "sinisa" == sinisa  <sinisa@stripped> writes:

sinisa> Silver CHEN writes:
>> Dear Sir:
>> I've a simple question for mySQL:
>> Should I 'rebuild' the indexed frequently? In some products, the manual
>> suggests that
>> the indexes should be maintianed by the administratot himself, is this true
>> for mySQL?
>> Thanks for your help
>> Regards.
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sinisa> You should run periodically isamchk.   

sinisa> The best way to do it is to make a cron job which would shotdown
sinisa> server, run isamchk and restart a server.

sinisa> Sinisa


It depends on what you do; If you don't delete big blocks of data and
don't reuse these at once or have dynamic length rows that are updated
a lot, then you need to run isamchk (or OPTIMIZE TABLE) once in a
while.  If not, you don't need to run isamchk.  You can find a lot
more information about this in the MySQL manual!


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