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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 24 1999 1:58pm
Subject:Inserting a "Empty" recordset: CRASH!
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>>>>> "Brandon" == Brandon Shuey <brandon@stripped> writes:

Brandon> I am running  mysql Win32 version:3.21.29a-gamma-debug on NT4.0.  
Brandon> I am trying to do the following:

Brandon> CREATE table tmpNLPageView(
Brandon>  cDate  DATE,
Brandon>  cHour  INT,
Brandon>  HostAccount CHAR(20),
Brandon>  Style  CHAR(20),
Brandon>  Category CHAR(20),
Brandon>  Count  INT
Brandon> );

Brandon> INSERT INTO tmpNLPageView
Brandon> SELECT 
Brandon>  IFNULL(DATE_FORMAT(p.Date_Time,'%Y-%m-%d'),'990301') as Date_NullPage,
Brandon>  IFNULL(DATE_FORMAT(p.Date_Time,'%k'),0) as Hour,
Brandon>  'N/A',
Brandon>  'N/A',
Brandon>  'N/A',
Brandon>  Count(p.PageViewLogID)
Brandon> FROM tblPageViews p LEFT JOIN tblVisits v ON p.VisitLogID = v.VisitLogID
Brandon> WHERE (((v.VisitLogID) Is Null));

Brandon> sometimes the insert returns 0 records, when this happens I get the
> following:
Brandon>     1.) A bell, and a dialog box that has the title "DBUG" and message "Test
> Signal"
Brandon>     2.) Dr.Watson, mysql.exe Exception: access violation (0xc0000005),
> Address: 0x0045ec8a
Brandon>     3.) Mysql shutsdown.

Brandon> This seems a bit ODD!  Is there a bug fix?  Is there a version that an NULL
> insert doesn't make mysql version die?


I have tested this, but I can't reproduce this problem with the
3.21.29 version!

Please post a full example,that one can run, that shows this problem!

Preferable on should be able to test this with:

mysql test < example.sql

Inserting a "Empty" recordset: CRASH!(Brandon Shuey)24 Mar
  • Inserting a "Empty" recordset: CRASH!Michael Widenius24 Mar