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From:Jose de Leon Date:August 1 1999 3:06am
Subject:Fw: Binary Data & MySQL (clarification)
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I want to clarify why it appears I can't use LOAD INFILE for inserting
binary blob data.  If I am loading only one field, namely the BLOB, then it
looks as if it will work according to the specs.  However, since it is not
retrievable via an associated ID, it is unusable.  In order to associate an
ID with the BLOB, there needs to be a second field in the INFILE.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to specify proper field delimiters or record
delimiters since the BLOB data is binary and unpredictable in nature.

So...although it sounds like the new function load_file() is what I need, I
don't want to upgrade if the new version of MySQL is not stable since I am
working with a production server.

BTW, I am using version MySQL 3.22.21

Thanks Again,
Jose de Leon

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Sent: Saturday, July 31, 1999 7:56 PM
Subject: Re: Binary Data & MySQL

I was about to ask the same question as Bryan.  However, I would have to
upgrade to use that function call.

How stable is the newest version of MySQL?

Is there an alternative method to get binary data into a table?   Other than


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From: Jani Tolonen <janikt@stripped>
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Subject: Binary Data & MySQL

Bryan Porter writes:
 > If I want to store binary data (images, soundfiles, etc) inside the MySQL
 > database, how do I get these files into the database? Is there a way to
 > this using the DBI/DBD interface with perl?
 > Any help would be greatly appreciated!
 > Regards,
 > Bryan Porter
 > Programmer/Analyst

Hello Bryan,

In the newest version of MySQL (3.23) you can use function
load_file(filename). Please see manual for more information.


- Jani

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