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From:Van Date:August 1 1999 2:55am
Subject:Re: linux suitability -- mysql
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I'd love to do a FreeBSD, but, even as a devout Slackware user for 4
years, I've just gotten too much accomplished.  I think there's much to be
shared by the Slackware and FreeBSD partisans.

But, for now, there's very little incentive to pursue this.  I have the
superior Linux distribution from the server's perspective with the
possible exception of where the powers that be take the GNU libs.

And, the desktop rocks.

It's not easy to set up the first time, but, is that really what's

Not for me, anyway.  I could give two sh|ts about my desktop, as long as
the server is secure and doing it's job.  The rest is all minutia.

BTW, I do run other distributions, but, Slackware is always production
where it counts.
Linux rocks!!!

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, jonathan michaels wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 29, 1999 at 08:47:55PM -0500, Ed Carp wrote:
> > On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, jonathan michaels wrote:
> > 
> > > i've gotten several other responces in email that say similar 
> > > things. this reinforces my own opinions (based on personal 
> > > experince) of the caldera distribution.
> > 
> > Please keep in mind that "the caldera distribution" is essentially the
> > same as RedHat, TurboLinux, SuSE, Mandrake, and all the others - Linux is
> ummm, yes, i know that linux is just a kernel wraped with the 
> gnu toolkits and several gnu and other styled licences 
> appication sets.
> i've tried many different linux distribution over the years, 
> this is now why i use freebsd as the server and have my 
> workstation installed with freebsd, ibm os/2, beos and now 
> caldera. 
> > Linux.  The only differences in the distributions that I've noticed are
> > (1) the ease (or lack thereof) of installation, and the packages provided
> > with the distribution.
> as far as 'essentially the same', i've tried the yddggrssil 
> (sorry if i got the y, d, g and s's out of order) slackware, 
> debian and caldera distributions to install 'out of the box' so 
> to speak and work well as desktops on client only machines. 
> redhat has yet to complete a successfull installation.
> for me the caldera distribution has been the best, followed 
> closely by the debian/gnu product. as far as applications, 
> well, a word processor like wordperfect, a spread sheet like 
> wingz and a database client like mysql rounds out the desktop 
> set ... maybe one day a devolpment ide like the one supplied 
> with qnx would be neat but its not that important.
> this is why i have my workstation setup as a pentium pro and 
> the system fileserver - mail gateway - wwwserver - dns host 
> wais/gopher server console all built on an old and reliable 
> i386dx33. untill recently i was a text mode console only type, 
> i'm being dragged kicking and screaming into the gui world and 
> the caldera (v2.2) setup caught my fancy, so to speak.
> i;ve just reread my post, i think its now sufficiently offtopic 
> to be moved to email, not that thier need to be much more said.
> kind regards to all who responded, thank you.
> if i see any quirks in the caldera openlinux installation of 
> mysql (i will be installing the last v3.22.?? v3.23 is still a 
> bit too new for me .. i'm not an early adopter) i will let the 
> list know and or cry fro help, i'm not as good at probelm 
> solving as i once was.
> ummm, where was i, signing off, ahhh, that's it ...
> cheers
> jonathan 
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