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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 1 2001 6:13pm
Subject:Re: Alphabetizing book titles
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At 1:09 PM -0500 11/1/01, Ian M. Evans wrote:
>Back when I was working with MSSQL I needed to alphabetize movie titles in
>the proper library format where 'A' 'An" and 'The" are ignored.
>For MSSQL I was told to use:
>select * from titles order by case when title like 'The %' then substring
>(title, 5, 255) when title like 'A %' then substring (title, 3, 255) when
>title like 'An %' then substring (title, 4, 255) else Title end
>That worked like a charm, yet MySQL doesn't seem to accept that. Any
>solutions or advice?

What version of MySQL are you using?  Older than 3.23.3?

>Ian Evans
>Digital Hit Entertainment

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