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From:Van Date:July 31 1999 2:28am
Subject:Re: Please Help...Your sugestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Bilal El-Amin wrote:
> Dear Sirs/ Madam
> Please consider these questions as serious.  I am a Web-site Administrator For a NYC
> Based health Products Company.  The Website was designed by "Site stimulation"  The Web
> site was designed with MSQL &PHP3.  Would you be kind enough to tell me what support
> would be offered by email support and or lisencing ? The site owner is not aware of why
> his site was designed with these technologies and only wants to have a profitable web
> presence.  As site administrator it is my responsibility to update, upgrade, and repair
> any non functioning links or code faults that may arise from time to time. I have just
> recently become aquainted with
> these techonologies but I am still a novice as far as they are concerned please point
> me in the right directions.  Secondly I am looking for a new Isp that supports These two
> technologies as the current ISP has not provided satisfactory service.
> The Website URL is   Any advise you may give will be
> most appreciated.
> Bilal El-Amin
> Webmaster/Long Life Vitamins
> Bilal El-Amin
> Bilal El-Amin
Bilal, the site doesn't appear to complicated.  Nicely done, though.  Go
to  Look at a couple tutorials, and learn what that's all
about.  Find the web-root and see what the pages are, and take a look at
the code.  The php tutorial and a trip to Wilbur's will more than get
you going.  Plus, you could get a support contract with, but, if
you're running MySQL, that's a different story.  
And, make sure you back up the web-server before you do anything.  >:)
Linux rocks!!!
Please Help...Your sugestions would be greatly appreciated!Bilal El-Amin31 Jul
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