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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 31 2001 1:57am
Subject:Re: Divide by 0 in a query ?
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At 7:46 PM -0600 10/30/01, Camilo Rostoker wrote:
>I have a query that determines the ranking of teams in a league by
>several calculations on the table.  Below is the query:
>SELECT TeamName,TeamWins,TeamLosses,TeamSpirit,
>(TeamSpirit/(TeamWins+TeamLosses)*100) AS AvgSpirit,
>((TeamWins*2)-TeamLosses) AS TeamPoints
>FROM Teams_1
>WHERE DivisionName = 'A Division'
>AND LeagueID = 1
>ORDER BY TeamPoints,AvgSpirit
>But the newly created attribute, AvgSpirit, will fail when a team has
>not won or lost a game ...
>Any ideas on how to remedy this problem?


(TeamSpirit/(TeamWins+TeamLosses)*100) AS AvgSpirit,


IFNULL((TeamSpirit/(TeamWins+TeamLosses)*100),0) AS AvgSpirit,

>Thanks for the help,
>Camilo Rostoker

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