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From:Martin Ramsch Date:July 30 1999 8:22pm
Subject:Re: few questions
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On Sa, 1999-07-31 00:05:19 +0500, Faisal Nasim wrote:
> Could you tell me if I can move Windows .FRM/.ISD/.ISM
> files into a Linux MySQL data directory (without loosing
> any data)?

No, as far as I know this won't work!

The most hassle-free method is:

a) make a complete dump of the database or table using
       mysqldump --opt dbname >dumpfile.sql
   or  mysqldump --opt dbname tablename >dumpfile.sql

b) transfer this "dumpfile.sql" to the Linux host

c) feed it to MySQL using
       mysql <dumpfile.sql

If you can access both databases from the same host, you can combine
all three steps into one:
    mysqldump --host=host1 --opt dbname | mysql --host=host2

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