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From:Dan Nelson Date:October 28 2001 3:33am
Subject:Re: can auto_increment wrap?
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In the last episode (Oct 27), D Campbell said:
> quickie:  can auto_increment wrap?
> I have a system that uses mysql for temporary storage of data.  The
> records are kept unique in the usual lazy man's way of having an
> auto_increment ID field.
> A large number of records come and go from this database.
> At SOME point in the future, the integer value of auto_increment will
> exceed that which can be carried by the largest unsigned integer data
> type available.

If you use a BIGINT AUTO_INCREMENT field as your key, and inserted 5
billion records per second, the field would not roll over for almost 60

Yes, at some point in the future the field will roll over.  You don't
have to worry about it, though :)

	Dan Nelson
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