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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 30 1999 4:42pm
Subject:Several questions
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>>>>> "Nathan" == Nathan Clegg <nathan@stripped> writes:

Nathan> I am researching different databases to determine which one my company
Nathan> should use in a new project.  As it will be a mission-critical piece of
Nathan> the implementation, I wanted to make absolutely sure of a few issues
Nathan> before I proceed with MySQL, the apparent leader.  Right now some merge
Nathan> questions, though I'm sure I'll have others as I go on here.

Nathan> I will need to make use of the MERGE capability.  Many of my tables
Nathan> will be extremely similar in structure, but I have broken them apart for a
Nathan> number of reasons: speed, size, and enumerations.


Nathan> 1) Can MERGE  work with tables who are identical except for their enum
Nathan> setup?  That is, they share the enumerated columns, but not necessarily the
Nathan> exact same enumerations.  These particular columns would not be part of the
Nathan> query anyway, as it would make little sense to compare them.


Nathan> 2) Can MERGE work with identical tables in different databases?


MEGRE is basicly a .frm file (that holds the table description) and a
.mrg file that is a text file that includes the full paths to the
tables you want to threat like one.

With MySQL 3.23 it shouldn't be that hard to add support for merge;
The main thing is a command that tells MySQL which tables you should
have in your merge table. Something like:

ALTER TABLE table_name MERGE table_name table_name table_name

could handle this.

Nathan> 3) When will MERGE likely include indexes? (manual says "near future")

This is the main problem;  I will not personally have time to look at
this during the next 1-2 months. If anyone wants to help us with this, 
please mail me :)

(It's actually not that hard...)


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