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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 30 1999 5:14pm
Subject:Indexfiles falling apart?
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>>>>> "Thilo" == Thilo Salmon <salmon@stripped> writes:

Thilo> Hi,
Thilo> lately, I'm experiencing some trouble with a large table and mysql. In one
Thilo> of my databases there is a table with roughly 3-4 million
Thilo> rows. It consists of 13 field of which 11 are keys. I usually insert or
Thilo> delete chunks of about 100.000 rows at a time. I noticed that delete does
Thilo> not always delete the indices as well which leads to frequent 'duplicate
Thilo> key' errors. Did anybody experience something similar? I'm hoping I
Thilo> overlooked something fundamental. I tried 3.22.21 and 3.21.33c on
Thilo> Intel-Linux so far. 

Thilo> I would very much like to stay with mysql, since the performance is just
Thilo> marvelous. Any ideas?

Thilo> Ciao
Thilo>   Thilo


I don't know of any bugs in the ISAM part;  It has been stable for a
very long time now.

If you can somehow produce a file for which delete fails, we could
probably fix this quite easily!

The manual entry: Debugging a MySQL server, describes what you should


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