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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 30 1999 6:04pm
Subject:Slow Queries
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>>>>> "sinisa" == sinisa  <sinisa@stripped> writes:

sinisa> Steven Roussey writes:
>> Help!
>> We have some slow queries (10sec+) on our system. I think they are locking
>> the table when they run, which cause a cascade effect of slow queries and
>> drives the site to a crawl.
>> Is there a way to discover what the slow queries are? Can they be logged? I
>> really thought that we have optimized every query.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Steven Roussey

sinisa> Hi!

sinisa> Run EXPLAIN on every query that is slow to you, and send us results.

sinisa> After that, send us your configuration data found in cnf file and the
sinisa> size of the buffers.

sinisa> Then we might be able to assist you.

Running 'mysqladmin -w1 proc' could also help you find out what is
going on!

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