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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 25 2001 1:21am
Subject:Re: Create Table error convert from DB2 to MySQL with Java?
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At 21:29 -0400 10/24/01, jwubbel@stripped wrote:
>Greeting! I am trying to convert an application from a DB2 based
>program to MySQL. We are still evaluating MySQL and learning.
>We are using Java and the JDBC driver mm.mysql.jdbc-1.2c to
>create the database. The Java version of this program using this
>driver is not creating some of the tables. The errors indicate a
>syntax problem in the prepare statement in the Java code. The
>original code ran on OS/2 and the sql was embedded something
>similar to the following sample: 
>    EXEC SQL CREATE TABLE Patient_Info_Table
>       (medical_record_#            CHAR(16)     NOT NULL PRIMARY

# is not a legal character in a column name unless you enclose the
name in backquotes (`medical_record_#`).  Maybe use medical_record_no

>        date_of_birth               CHAR(10)     NOT NULL,
>        patient_name                CHAR(48)     NOT NULL,
>        addr_line_one               CHAR(48),
>        addr_line_two               CHAR(48),
>        city                        CHAR(24),
>        state                       CHAR(2),
>        country_code                CHAR(3),
>        zip_code                    CHAR(10),
>        telephone                   CHAR(48),
>        t_and_d_stamp               TIMESTAMP,
>        comments                    CHAR(128),
>        previous_addr               INTEGER,
>        guardian_info               INTEGER,
>        emergency_info              INTEGER,
>        total_hpps                  INTEGER,
>        supp_data                   INTEGER,
>        appt_time                   TIME,
>        appt_date                   DATE,
>        appt_location               CHAR(48),
>        office_code                 CHAR(16),
>        fsdstatus_flag              INTEGER,
>        galaxy                      VARCHAR(512)

Max varchar length is 255.  You can use TEXT instead, perhaps.

>        );

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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