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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 30 1999 1:15pm
Subject:MySQL query locking up a FreeBSD server
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>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Riter <criter@stripped> writes:

Craig> I am working on a site with MySQL 3.22.25 and FreeBSD 3.1-stable.  At the start
Craig> of the month we have been having intermittent crashes that are caused by 
Craig> executing some queries.  The same query will not always crash the server and 
Craig> sometimes a query that crashed the server before will not crash it later.

Craig> We have double checked all of the tables to make sure they are not corrupt and 
Craig> they aren't.  I have even copied the database files to another server and 
Craig> executed the same queries with no crash.

Craig> At one point we thought it might be due to some threading issue in the OS but 
Craig> after applying the OS patch we still have the problem.

Craig> Has anyone else had this same issue?  Any ideas as to what the problem might be
Craig> would be welcome.

Craig> Thanks,
Craig> Craig


Please read the section in the MYSQL manual about how to debug the
mysqld server.

The quickest way to fix this is by compiling MySQL with --with-debug
and run the mysqld server under gdb;  By typing 'back' when it dies,
you will get a back trace that may help locate the problem!

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